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Job interviews in a second language can be stressful and make you nervous especially when the language is English. Our goal at BCN Inglés is to help you to be sucessful in your interview and get that job by improving your English vocabulary based on the position you are applying for, improving your fluency in the English Language, improving your listening skills and working with you on giving the best and most appropriate answers to typical English interview questions.

Nowadays more and more jobs require English and many companies are starting to give interviews in English to test the level of communication the candidate has. Written English is important but the most important and used is the spoken English language, so if this is not your strongest strength we will help you to strengthen it even more so that you do not lose opportunities.

Depending on the Field that you are applying for we provide you with the appropriate technical language and help you to express your previous work experience using the right terms. It is important for you to be able to explain your past work experience adequately as you don’t want to lose credibility because you are not able to express yourself correctly.

In BCN Inglés, we provide native english teachers with experience to work with you on a one to one basis within your schedule and in the comfort of your home.

Let us help you perfect your skills and get that job!

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