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We provide your Business with the necessary skills through private English classes with a Native English teacher. We guarantee quality and effectiveness. Our aim is to help you improve communication with clients or within the workplace so your business can run more smoothly.

In BCN Inglés, we give individualized training for employees and all the classes are taught by experienced and qualified native teachers, adapting to the needs of each job according to the job function that each post requires.

Our classes are based on learning through practice and continuous use of the language for the duration of the class, it is a practical and effective method to increase the fluency of expression and communication.

BCN Inglés teachers, will focus on the specific level of each student or group to focus on the points where students have more difficulty as well as focusing on the specific needs of your company.

We offer personalized attention and adaptation to your schedule and location.

By choosing to work with BCN Inglés you ensure that your employees are getting the best training to benefit your company’s future.

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réunion de travail avec ordinateur portable

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