We are a team of young, innovative experts who want to provide you with an effective and efficient service. In BCN INGÉS we listen and identify what your needs are, then we assign the appropriate teacher to help you achieve your goals. All our teachers are native, qualified and experienced.

We offer you flexibility to study english within your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home or office at a competitive price.Our goal is to make learning English interesting and motivating . We provide you with a personalized service that give fast and effective results by tailoring our teaching process to suit your needs. It has been proven that the method of one on one classes is more effective than learning in a typical class setting. Why? With private classes students get the undivided attention of the teacher and the teacher is able to focus in on the areas in which the student is having the most difficulties.

The majority of students who study in private English schools end up having to contract a private teacher because they have difficulty speaking and listening as in a big classroom where there is not enough time and too many people to get sufficient practice in these areas. Isn’t it better to skip all the fuss and save money and time by going directly to a private teacher where you will learn grammer, speaking and listening the three most important in order to conquer a language



All classes are taught by a team of young professional native teachers who will keep you enthusiastic to learn and work hard to give you the best results for your money. These professionals are carefully selected for their qualifications as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and their teaching experience. Our teachers have a strong capacity to manage ideas, ease of synthesis and speak with clarity. Our goal is that you can learn experience is as enjoyable and motivating as possible. The teachers work to find your area of difficulties with learning english and customize the students class accordingly. The idea is to address the root problem, not give a temporary solution. Teachers are constantly monitored, our educational consultants are in constant communication with students and teachers to guide and ensure that they are implementing appropriate work plans.


We teach the language as it is spoken in social settings, business, technical, media, etc. We adapt to the needs of each individual customer. We use reputable materials combined with a wide variety of teaching materials (manuals, exercises, reading books, audio and video tapes, etc.) to ensure maximum learning. Each student is given a level test before starting to teach the classes, we consider important to determine the level of the students. Students are provided with reports to see their progress throughout the year.

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