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If you’ve decided to learn or improve your English in BCN Inglés, we offer a curriculum and dynamic classes where you can focus on your needs, and start learning from your specific level. Ideal for those who need individualized instruction with flexible scheduling and free choice of where they are taught. This type of course allows for maximum learning and allows for consistency with the needs and specific level of the student.

The goal of BCN Inglés teachers is that students learn English and how to express themselves with comfort and confidence in daily life and work situations, as English is increasingly being demanded in many jobs.

Our teaching methods are 100% tailored to the methodology of personalized tutoring and taught by experienced and qualified native teachers.

It has been shown that one on one classes, are the most effective method for learning as the teacher is able to focus on those points in which the student has more difficulty, all this we offer with a personalized adaptation to your schedule and location.

We go to your home or business to teach English classes

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Happy students

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